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Know Your Rights

After carefully reviewing the lease, negotiate any unacceptable provisions. Below are some important tips to help in knowing your rights as a tenant:

  • Get Everything in Writing To avoid misunderstandings or disputes, get everything in writing. Follow-up on oral agreements with a letter. Put requests in writing. Save copies of all correspondence.
  • Protect Your Privacy Understand the amount of notice your Landlord must provide before entering the property and exceptions to that notice.
  • Demand Repairs Your Landlord is required to offer a habitable property. This means that if your rental property is not kept in good repair you have options.
  • Keep Communication Open If there is a problem, talk it over with the Landlord (or agent) in an attempt to resolve matters and avoid a legal battle.
  • Purchase Renter’s Insurance In order to cover your losses due to theft or damage, obtain renter’s insurance. It will also protect you if you are sued by someone injured in your rental home.
  • Protect Your Security Deposit Avoid deductions by completing a thorough move-in walk-through to record existing damage to the property. Have a good understanding of allowable deductions defined in the lease agreement.
  • Protect Your Safety Check out the vulnerability to intrusion and research crime reports in the neighborhood. If crime is likely, your Landlord may be obligated to take protective measures.
  • Deal with Eviction Appropriately If you have provable facts and law on your side, it may be worth the effort to fight an eviction. Examples such as not receiving proper notice or living in an uninhabitable property. Losing an eviction lawsuit may leave you in debt, affect your credit rating, and even prevent your ability to rent from future Landlords.

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    • Credit Score All applicants must have a TransUnion score of 650 or above to qualify.
    • Income Applicants must earn a combined gross income of 3 times the monthly rent.
    • Criminal Record We run a full background check, including criminal, sex offense, and terrorist for all occupants 18 and older.
    • Bankruptcy A bankruptcy may be grounds for denial.
    • Rental History Must have a clean rental history free of evictions or outstanding balances.
    • Multiple Applications We run a credit/background check on all fully submitted applications and base the final decision on Credit Score, income, and references. We hold your application for 90 days for the purpose of moving your application to another 2415 Property Solutions rental listing.
    • Apply Online Each occupant 18 years or older must fill out an individual application and pay a non-refundable application fee of $55 (or $50 for 2 or more applicants). Fees must be received before the application is processed.
    • Credit/Background Check Once the fee is paid, each applicant will receive a direct link from TransUnion SmartMove to apply. Screening reports will be sent to our team while protecting your personal information in a manner consistent with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and applicable regulations.
    • References Our team will contact personal references, previous landlords, and verify your income.
    • Lease Signing Once a decision is made and terms are agreed upon, you will receive the applicable lease documents for digital signatures.
    • Security Deposit The security deposit (and potentially the first month’s rent) will be do immediately.

    All tenants are required to obtain renters insurance prior to moving into the property. Tenant shall be required to obtain a renters insurance policy with minimum personal liability coverage in amount of $1,000.00 per occurrence, which names Landlord and Broker as additionally interested parties. You will need to provide proof of insurance before you are given keys to the property. Renters insurance typically provides the following:

    • Personal Property Contents Coverage – In case of fire, theft, and other occurrences covered by your policy, this coverage protects your personal property.
    • Personal Liability – This covers you from claims made against you by someone else
    • Additional Living Expense –If your current living arrangement becomes unlivable due to fire, theft, or other damages, this grants you money for living expenses.
    • Premises Medical Coverage – This pays the medical expenses of visitors or other individuals who are accidentally injured on the property you are renting.

    You may be charged for damage or neglect of maintenance to the property. You may also be billed for a service call if you miss an appointment with one of our maintenance contractors.

    Unless otherwise stated in your lease, you are responsible for adhering to the following:

    • Yard It is your responsibility to take care of the lawn, which includes watering it on a regular basis, mow and weed as needed. If you let the grass die, you may be responsible to re-sod the yard. You will also be responsible for all fall leaf clean up.
    • Sprinkler System The landlord will have the sprinkler system activated and blown out during the appropriate seasons. Damage to sprinkler heads is typically a tenant repair.
    • Walkways You must maintain the sidewalks, driveway and parking area free and clear from snow and ice.
    • Miscellaneous You are expected to keep the fixtures in the house in good order and repair, replace furnace filters and keep the furnace clean, and replace all existing light bulbs and batteries.
    • Painting Requests to paint the walls a different color must be in writing and requires the landlord’s consent. We will require an additional deposit which is refundable if the wall or rooms are restored to the original color unless exceptions have been made.
    • Changing the Locks Re-keying the property without landlord permission is a serious lease violation!
    • Non-Emergency Maintenance Routine maintenance are issues that do not require immediate attention and can be handled during normal maintenance hours. Once approved, we will attempt to schedule the work as quickly as possible. All vendors, including our in-house maintenance team, will contact you directly to schedule a convenient time to complete the repairs. All non-emergency repairs must be submitted in writing and sent to [email protected]. Some examples of non-emergency repairs are:
      • Dripping water faucets
      • Stove burner won’t heat up
      • Ice maker not working
    • High-Priority Maintenance If there is a maintenance issue that requires expedited attention, but not immediate attention, it is considered a high-priority maintenance issue. These high-priority issues receive first priority over non-emergency issues and are usually done during regular maintenance hours. Please contact the office by phone at (303) 688-1110 immediately. High-Priority Issues are and not limited to:
      • Air Conditioning not working
      • Plumbing Leak
    • Emergency Maintenance Emergency maintenance are issues that require immediate attention for the safety of the occupants, the property and your belongings. All after hour emergencies should be reported to our main line (303) 688-1110 immediately.
      • Air Conditioning not working and temperature is at least 90 degrees
      • Furnace not working and temperature is below 32 degrees
      • Major flooding – turn off water valve and move possessions out of harms way
      • Refrigerator not working – refrain from opening the door
      • Fire – call 911 first!
    • 60-day Written Notice The lease agreement stipulates a written notice to vacate, which must be in our office at least 60 days prior to the end of the lease term.
    • Professional Cleaning Tenants are responsible for having the property professionally cleaned (including carpets) upon vacating the premises. Receipts for the cleaning service may be requested.
    • Security Deposit Refund All security deposits will be mailed within 60 days of the end of the lease term or move out, whichever is last.
    • Early Termination of Lease Unless otherwise stated in your lease, an early termination of your lease may result in an obligation to pay any lost rents, cleaning and “make ready” expenses, advertising fee of $250, repair costs if any damage, and a re-letting fee (50% of one month’s rent).

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