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Tenant Maintenance

Tenant Maintenance

You may be charged for damage or neglect of maintenance to the property. You may also be billed for a service call if you miss an appointment with one of our maintenance contractors.

Unless otherwise stated in your lease, you are responsible for adhering to the following:

  • Yard It is your responsibility to take care of the lawn, which includes watering it on a regular basis, mow and weed as needed. If you let the grass die, you may be responsible to re-sod the yard. You will also be responsible for all fall leaf clean up.
  • Sprinkler System The landlord will have the sprinkler system activated and blown out during the appropriate seasons. Damage to sprinkler heads is typically a tenant repair.
  • Walkways You must maintain the sidewalks, driveway and parking area free and clear from snow and ice.
  • Miscellaneous You are expected to keep the fixtures in the house in good order and repair, replace furnace filters and keep the furnace clean, and replace all existing light bulbs and batteries.
  • Painting Requests to paint the walls a different color must be in writing and requires the landlord’s consent. We will require an additional deposit which is refundable if the wall or rooms are restored to the original color unless exceptions have been made.
  • Changing the Locks Re-keying the property without landlord permission is a serious lease violation!
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