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Maintenance Requests

  • Non-Emergency Maintenance Routine maintenance are issues that do not require immediate attention and can be handled during normal maintenance hours. Once approved, we will attempt to schedule the work as quickly as possible. All vendors, including our in-house maintenance team, will contact you directly to schedule a convenient time to complete the repairs. All non-emergency repairs must be submitted in writing and sent to [email protected]. Some examples of non-emergency repairs are:
    • Dripping water faucets
    • Stove burner won’t heat up
    • Ice maker not working
  • High-Priority Maintenance If there is a maintenance issue that requires expedited attention, but not immediate attention, it is considered a high-priority maintenance issue. These high-priority issues receive first priority over non-emergency issues and are usually done during regular maintenance hours. Please contact the office by phone at (303) 688-1110 immediately. High-Priority Issues are and not limited to:
    • Air Conditioning not working
    • Plumbing Leak
  • Emergency Maintenance Emergency maintenance are issues that require immediate attention for the safety of the occupants, the property and your belongings. All after hour emergencies should be reported to our main line (303) 688-1110 immediately.
    • Air Conditioning not working and temperature is at least 90 degrees
    • Furnace not working and temperature is below 32 degrees
    • Major flooding – turn off water valve and move possessions out of harms way
    • Refrigerator not working – refrain from opening the door
    • Fire – call 911 first!
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