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Landlord Responsibilities

As a landlord, you will have the following responsibilities:
  • Fulfill a “warrant of habitability”
  • Disclose risks of lead-based paint (for homes built before 1978)
  • Provide smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Provide a pest-free property
  • Perform maintenance and repairs to the property
  • Pay the mortgage, property taxes, and any HOA dues
  • Adhere to the Fair Housing and Fair Credit Reporting Acts
  • Enforce tenants’ compliance with community rules and regulations

How to Keep Your Property Habitable

  • Maintain all electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, kitchen and other appliances in good and safe working order
  • Ensuring the home and common areas are clean and free of hazards
  • Respond to issues quickly to avoid bigger problems

When to Pay Hotel Bills

  • If your home becomes uninhabitable due to unplanned circumstances or a natural disaster, you are usually NOT responsible for hotel bills.
  • Scheduling fumigation or remodeling that requires tenants to vacate for a short period will result in reasonable hotel costs. You may decide to prorate the rent for those days, release them from the lease, or make other accommodations. Be fair and be specific.
  • You are responsible for cost of damage due to a fire, regardless if it’s the tenants’ fault. Your homeowner’s policy should cover the cost of damages. If the tenants are held liable, the insurance company may seek compensation .

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  • Perform a full background check, including criminal and credit history
  • Verify employment and income
  • Check rental history for previous evictions or late payments
  • Call personal, employer, and landlord references
  • A “no pets” policy does not apply to emotional support or service animals. If a tenant provides proof that their pet is an ESA, you must allow the pet and cannot charge a pet deposit.

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