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5 Tricks for Instant Curb Appeal

5 Tricks for Instant Curb Appeal We Can’t Believe Are This Easy

Tricks under $200:

  • Pressure Wash – impress potential buyers right away and make your driveway sparkle by removing grime with a pressure wash
  • Max out your mulch – add new mulch and drought-tolerant plants to brighten your exterior and keep the weeds down
  • Add symmetrical planters – ceramic or terra-cotta pots on both sides of a door are pleasing to the eye and help buyers focus on your home
  • Paint the front door – a fresh coat of paint for your door is an easy way to transform your home (bold colors are trendy right now)
  • Lay out a welcome mat – a new welcome mat and an elegant wreath are cheap but charming ways to create an inviting look

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